The UN-Israel Rapport: A Poem

11 Nov

By Rafi Karp

The United Nations has plenty to say,
They pose resolutions day after day.
But more often than not Israel’s square in its sights,
Compelled to relentlessly fight for its rights.

Recall, if you will, when the rockets rained down,
On Israeli civilians, on town after town.
For long weary years the citizens did dive,
Into bunkers and shelters, just to survive.
Eventually Israel could take it no more,
Had no other option but go out to war.
Then along came a man, Goldstone, a judge,
Told the UN, “Israel was wrong to budge”.
He said, “It was war crimes Israel perpetrated,”
So the UN decided this report must be rated.
Goldstone’s efforts would not be denied,
November ’09, report – ratified.
The General Assembly waved its great fist,
Another anti-Israel resolution on the list!

Not too long thereafter it did come to pass,
The UN was involved in another great farce.
A flotilla of boats from Turkey set sail,
An armada determined to see Israel fail.
The sailors wore masks of peace activists,
But under their guise they were cruel terrorists.
They claimed to be messengers – humanitarian aid,
Instead tried to break through the Gaza blockade.
The IDF warned them not to proceed,
These warnings were mocked, they chose not to heed.
So the soldiers – charged to use minimal force,
Intercepted the Mavi Marmara’s course.
But were met with iron bars, with daggers and knives,
And the soldiers were forced to fight for their lives.
In the end the intruders were left with nine dead,
And the UN, again, fell upon Israel’s head.
“How dare you protect your borders?!” they cried,
“Shame on you! Nine ‘innocent’ people have died.
“We, the UNHRC do declare,
“The shame and the guilt, Israel must bear!”

What the UN has now decided to do,
Is so unbelievable, it just can’t be true.
UNESCO, the UN’s cultural arm,
Has got its hands dirty, to Israel’s alarm.
“Rachel’s Tomb is no Jewish site,” they have said,
“No no, it’s a mosque, not the home of your dead!
“How dare you Jews claim it be holy ground?
“It belongs to the Muslims – so our members have found.
“What’s more, that old cave where your Patriarchs lie,
“Forget it, it’s not Israel’s piece of the pie.
“How dare you list it a heritage site?
“Shame on you Israel, that just isn’t right!”

So the UN’s been busy the last couple of years,
All Israel’s objections hath fell on deaf ears.
These resolutions have long been way out of hand,
“Send them back to Europe!” soon they’ll demand.
The Assembly’s founders would roll in their graves,
Were they privy to how the UN now behaves.
But this is the reality Israel now faces,
I wonder which country would dare to trade places?

For years Israel’s argued, straining its voice,
Now it is faced with an important choice –
Be subject to ongoing delegitimization,
Or, make a stand, and be a proud nation!

Rafi Karp is an Australian oleh, who has been living in Israel for 3 years. He will reply to comments via


3 Responses to “The UN-Israel Rapport: A Poem”

  1. Fred Schlomka November 15, 2010 at 6:05 am #

    It’s true what you say
    we need to make a stand,
    we desperately need much more land.
    It’s OK to build
    from the river to the sea.
    we are the ones who hold the key.

    with our great IDF
    who can deny,
    our rights to the land
    and our need to expand.
    the Arabs can whine,
    but the end is in sight.
    we will prevail
    and be damned who is right.

    G-d willing we will
    assert all our rights,
    and the Palestinian people
    will become just a ripple.
    Our people will surge
    across this great land,
    and all of our dreams
    will become our demand.

    however lest we forget
    that we may finally regret
    not heeding the call
    to share, not take all.
    for we may be too greedy
    by not heeding the needy
    and end up with a state
    at odds with our fate.

    so take heed one and all
    before we fall
    and cut back our demands
    about taking it all.
    let the ‘others’ have a piece
    a place of their own
    before it’s too late
    and our Jewish state
    becomes not our home.

    Would it really be so bad
    to share the land,
    whether one state or two
    we could lend a hand.
    we would all still be Jewish
    just not so foolish,
    and maybe in time
    we would really all be fine.

    • Rafi Karp November 15, 2010 at 12:07 pm #

      An interesting response, Fred. However, with respect, I am not quite sure exactly how it relates to the post. My poem was written without regard to any stance on the topic of a two-state solution or land sharing. I thought that its intent was clear in that it was an attack on the UN and its inexplicable ongoing obsession with demonizing Israel. I see how the mention of Rachel’s Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs may have misled you in thinking otherwise, but regardless of under whose control these sites end up being, the point is that the UN’s declarations attempt to warp history and deny the fact that they are Jewish sites and minimise the Jewish claim. Especially Rachel’s Tomb, which is not, and never has been, a Muslim holy site. The Muslim claim to this site is clearly a political and strategic claim not at all born out of the tradition of Islam, whereas the Jewish claim is based on the fact that our grandmother is buried there and has been for 4000 years. If UNESCO realised this, they never would have passed the declaration. Whether you support land sharing or not, the UN has no right to distort this truth. It is an insult of the highest order. Furthermore, the reference in the poem to Israel making a stand is not, as your reply suggests, a call to arms or a call to build from sea to sea, rather, Israel needs to take drastic measures in regards to its relationship with the UN and stand up for its rights. So, without commenting on the contention of your reply whish I believe is a completely different discussion altogether, I do feel it is out of place on this post. Apologies if my post was misleading.

  2. Fred Schlomka November 26, 2010 at 6:21 am #

    Rafi – my point was more to do with Israel lightening up on the Palestinians, then violent reactions from them would diminish and the UN will lighten up on us too. It’s all too easy to claim that the UN is anti-Israel or anti-semitic. The painful part is actually looking at our own country’s behavior and ideology.

    Regarding holy sites.
    I believe that if the issue of sites such as Rachel’s tomb were kept at the level of religious believe rather than matters of state, then we will all be better off. After all, just because some holy sites here are Christian, doesn’t mean that a Christian country can claim sovereignty over the real estate, although some did back in the crusader era.

    In a truly democratic country, religious matters are left to family and community. Unfortunately we bind religion and state tightly together. A sure recipe for trouble in my view.

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