The UN and Palestine

5 Sep

By Beryl Ratzer

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So much is happening in the world so quickly that the events of the day are overtaken by new scoops even before we have digested the old.

Op-eds, analyses, predictions and journalistic prognoses follow one another so swiftly that we don’t even get to know whose learned comments were way off mark if not totally incorrect.

I have always tried to bring my readers’ attention to facts and points of view that somehow gain less attention in the media. There seems to be less of a need for that now because articles rejected by the more popular and well-known print media are available to those who are interested either on the internet or as attachments and letters sent by friends and acquaintances.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” Somehow, in today’s world, facts are no longer important. The new concept is “narratives” and all narratives are given equal value irrespective of whether they are based on truth, fiction, wishful thinking or a particular political agenda.

Without some research or a wide field of knowledge, we, the average readers, are unable to know what is true, what is half-true and what it patently false. Lacking that information, many of us try to analyze the wealth of information we are being fed. We try to look for inconsistencies and contradictions and, often, we are influenced by people we respect and admire.

Other less discerning people might base their opinions on gut feeling, prejudice, bigotry, intolerance and even racism. These people cannot and will not be disturbed by incontrovertible facts. Anti-Semitism is the oldest known prejudice and the most widespread. It is totally irrational and contradictory. Communists and socialists hate Jews because they are capitalists. Capitalists hate Jews because they are communists and socialists.

In early times Jews were hated because, as a people, they were unique. They claimed to be, and were, all descended from the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah – a fact borne out by modern DNA testing.

These descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel were known as Israelites and under kings Saul, David and Solomon the land where they lived was known as the kingdom of Israel. After a civil war, Israel became the northern kingdom and Judah the southern kingdom. Israelwas destroyed by the Assyrians and Judah by the Babylonians. The population was exiled but tried to maintain its religion.

Cyrus of Persia gave them an opportunity to return to their land and rebuild their Temple. Israel and Judah became Judaea.

Now Jews were hated not only because they were a unique people but because they followed a religion which totally rejected paganism. When paganism was rejected and replaced by Christianity they were hated because they remained faithful to the religion of their forefathers and would not accept Christianity.

As Islam replaced, forcibly, Christianity in the eastern parts of the Christian Byzantine Empire, Jews were hated for continuing to remain faithful to the religion of their forefathers, and the Jewish community of Medina was annihilated by Mohammed.

In every pogrom, in every attack on Jewish communities throughout the world, the call of the attackers was “Go toPalestine!” It didn’t matter if that community had lived in the same place for twenty-five hundred years as was true of the Jews of Iraq, or over one thousand years as in many places in Europe, including Poland. It was clear to all and sundry that Palestine, as the Land of Israel was then known, was the only place in the world where Jews should be found.

Even in Germany, with the rise of Nazi Party and the introduction of the Nuremberg Laws the call was “Jews out of Germany! Jews to Palestine!”

Then, miracle of miracles, in 1948 a Jewish State came into existence in British Mandate Palestine, populated by Jewish and Arab Palestinians. Instead of keeping the name imposed on the Land of Israel by the Romans after the second Jewish revolt against the mighty Roman Empire, Palaestina, the pesky Jews chose to name their country Israel.

The Jews were once again, after two thousand years, a nation. Now there was a new reason to hate the Jews, a unique people with a unique religion. They had re-established themselves where they had originated three thousand years earlier, speaking the same language and practicing the same religion. The unique is often inexplicable. The unique and the inexplicable are often feared. The unique, the inexplicable and the feared are often hated.

Anti-Zionism was born. Paradoxically it also infects those Jews who are unable to comprehend or acknowledge this uniqueness.

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Who knows what narrative the Palestinians of today would have had to invent if the Jewish State established in 1948 was named Palestine and not Israel!

Who knows what motion they would be bringing to the UN in September.

Beryl Ratzer is the author of A Historical Tour of the Holy Land. For more information visit To order your copy of the book visit


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