14 Nov

ladder-header-graphics-1.jpgThe Jewish Museum of Australia is thrilled to announce the launch of this first and one-time only 19-day study tour of Israel in 2019. Click here for the full itinerary and brochure. The tour will be led by Paul Forgasz. Paul has lectured in Bible and Jewish history for almost two decades at Monash University’s Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation and is also a regular contributor to the Jewish Museum’s adult education program. He has led study tours under the auspices of the Museum to various destinations over the past nine years.

The tour will be accompanied by Ilan Bloch, who will be our full time guide and educator, and also oversee logistical arrangements. An expatriate Australian who made Aliyah more than a decade ago, Ilan is a highly skilled, passionate and engaging educator. He is the director of “Teaching Israel” and is committed to providing participants in his tours with a serious, intellectual and challenging engagement with the Land, People and State of Israel (

Participation in this tour will provide you with an in-depth and detailed exploration of the Land of Israel through the ladder of time. The itinerary has thus been designed in a way which will enable you to experience the amazing story of the Jews in their land as an unfolding chronological narrative. At the many sites we will visit, under the expert guidance of both Paul and Ilan, you will step back in time and relive the events and significant historical moments that shaped the experience of the Jewish people in the land of Israel throughout the centuries. You will also be challenged to grapple with some of the key sociocultural, religious, ideological and geopolitical issues that confront the modern State of Israel.

The timing of the tour will also enable you to experience Yom Hashoah, Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut commemorations and celebrations.

The local travel agent is FBI Travel. At the Israeli end, all land arrangements will be handled by “Ramah Programs in Israel” – an organisation which specialises in educational and experiential tourism in Israel.

Israeli land package The tour price is USD 7100. The cost of a single supplement is USD 2397. AUD payments will be tied to the USD exchange rate.

Note: in order for this tour to proceed on the basis of the final quoted price, we will need firm commitments from a minimum of 16 people. You are therefore advised not to make any flight bookings until you are advised that the tour is definitely proceeding.

Write for further details.


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